About Me

Hi, I am a mom and a wife. I love my little boys more than anything else and I value my family time the most. I was working as a software engineer years back and I left my full time job to be able to spend more time with my family. I was born and brought up in Kerala, South India. I travel often and I lived in many places including different places inside and outside India, and I love the vegetarian recipes from around the world.

I am a vegetarian and all my recipes are vegetarian recipes, but I do use eggs occasionally. So you may find that some of my recipes have eggs as ingredients and there will be egg recipes also, but you will also find lots of recipes with out eggs which are completely vegetarian. I do not use any kind of meat or fish in my recipes. All recipes you find here are tried out in my kitchen and loved by me or my family members or friends.

I love to try different vegetarian recipes from around the world, so you will probably see all kinds of vegetarian recipes that I try myself, although most of my recipes are inspired by the Indian vegetarian cooking. If I adapt recipes from anyone else or any other websites or blogs, I will give credit to the original recipes in my posts, even if I make modifications of my own.

I may tweak or change the recipes as I try out different versions of the recipes and I may modify my posts accordingly. Other than recipes, I may write product reviews and food related articles related to both vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

I value my readers and I welcome respectful suggestions and comments.

Thanks for reading!

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