Avial Recipe Kerala Style – Aviyal Recipe – Vegetables With Coconut & Spices Kerala Recipe

avial recipe kerala style
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Avial Recipe/ Aviyal Recipe Kerala Style – Authentic Avial Recipe – How  To Make Kerala Style Avial/Aviyal

South Indian Kerala Style Authentic Avial Recipe

Avial recipe Kerala style (aviyal recipe Kerala style) is one of the most popular Kerala vegetarian recipes prepared for Kerala style lunch and dinner and this is actually one of the most popular Kerala side dishes to be served along with  rice.

In Kerala boiled brown rice is more commonly used for lunch and dinner, so this avial recipe Kerala style is prepared and served with Kerala style boiled brown rice more often. I was just telling what kind of rice is more popular is Kerala, but nowadays white rice is also becoming more popular as this is more easy to prepare (because of less cooking time) and so this authentic Kerala style avial recipe can be used to make yummy and healthy avial which can e served along with rice, both brown rice and white rice, for lunch or dinner.

If you serve rice along with sambar and avial, that is one example for a perfect Kerala vegetaian lunch.

Avial recipe Kerala style is made using lots of vegetables in coconut blended with spices. A little yogurt is added for sourness and also a splash of coconut oil is added for the authentic Kerala touch, and also a few curry leaves are added at the end which adds fragrance and flavor to the dish.

As I already mentioned, traditional authentic avial recipe uses a lot of vegetables. However, sometimes avial can be made using just a few vegetables as well, for example, vegetables like potatoes are used as a major ingredient to make potao avial, raw green plantains are used to make plantain avial (known as nenthrakkaya avial where nenthrakkaya denotes plantains in malayalam language) and tomatoes, either green or ripe ones, are used to make tomato avial.

So these are just few examples where only one vegetable is mainly used as an ingredient to make the avial. However the most popular authentic Kerala style avial recipe uses many number of vegetables in the preparation. As I already mentioned, coconut is another major ingredient of Kerala avial recipe.

Kerala avial/aviyal is one of the main dishes for Kerala vegetarian feast (known as Kerala sadya) as well, which is usually served in fresh banana leaves for all Kerala celebrations including marriages and festivals like Onam.

avial recipe kerala style

So here is how we can prepare Kerala avial recipe. Just chop the vegetables into medium sized pieces lengthwise and evenly just like you do for sambar recipes.

You can use either yogurt or tamarind extract (along with fresh tomatoes) to add sourness to the recipe. I almost always use yogurt and tomatoes in avial recipes, so I really don’t use tamarind extract, but if you don’t want to use yogurt, I recommend using tamarind extract (tamarind paste about the size of half of a lemon dissolved in water and filtered). You may also use raw mango pieces to add sourness, instead of adding yogurt or tamarind.

avial recipe kerala aviyal

kerala avial recipe vegetarian lunch

In this avial recipe, we are using yogurt along with one tomato which adds enough sourness to the avial.

You can add a few cashew nuts to make the avial recipe more delicious!

Ingredients for avial recipe

raw green plantains  1(peeled and chopped lengthwise)

potatoes 1

cucumber 1/2

brinjal (eggplant) 1 small or 1/4 cup chopped if using large ones

drumsticks 1

tomatoes 1

carrot 1/2 of a carrot

string beans 2 to 3

green chilies 1 to 2 (optional)

(more vegetables as you wish 1/4 cup)

raw cashew nuts 8 to 10 (optional)

yogurt 1 tablespoon

salt as required

water 1 to 2 cups

coconut oil 1 tablespoon

turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

red chili powder 1/2 teaspoon

For Grinding

Grated coconut 1 Cup

Cumin seeds or cumin seeds powder 1 teaspoon

green chilies 1

curry leaves 2 to 3 numbers

Instructions for avial recipe Kerala style – aviyal recipe

avial recipe kerala style vegetarian lunch

Wash and chop all vegetables uniformly. As I mentioned above, you can peel the vegetables and cut them lengthwise into medium sized pieces. Cucumbers need not be peeled, you can just remove the seeds and cut them up.

In a pan, add the chopped vegetables except tomatoes along with water and salt and bring the water to boil.

Meanwhile grind together the ingredients needed for grinding (without using water) – coconut, green chilies, cumin seeds and curry leaves. You don’t have to grind it too much, just grind them for few seconds, so they will get blended together.

As the water starts boiling, add turmeric powder and red chili powder.

Add the cashew nuts also to the pan, if you are using cashew nuts.

Add the mix of coconut blended with spices (the one we prepared by grinding just now).

Close the pan with lid, reduce the heat to low flames and then cook for about 5 to 6 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked enough.

Add chopped tomatoes, cook for another 2 minutes.

Meanwhile beat the yogurt in a bowl to avoid any lumps.

Add the yogurt to the avial, mix well very gently.

Add the coconut oil and curry leaves, mix again gently.

Switch off the stove and transfer the avial to the serving dish.

Avial is ready to be served now, enjoy the avial along with rice and yogurt or sambar or any other gravy for the delicious Kerala style lunch!

I hope you found this avial recipe helpful!

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