Easy Homemade Coconut Cake Recipe Scratch – Fresh Coconut Cake Recipe

easy homemade coconut cake recipe from scratch
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Easy Homemade Coconut Cake Recipe From Scratch – Make Easy Fresh Coconut Cake 

This easy homemade coconut cake recipe scratch is a very simple, yummy and easy coconut cake recipe which is easy to follow and you can make the easy coconut cake from freshly grated coconut at home. If you don’t have fresh coconut at home you can also get dry coconut flakes or grated coconut from stores which you can use.

This is not a fancy recipe for a fantastic looking coconut cake decorated with the fancy icing, but this is a very easy and simple recipe for homemade coconut cake. The white creamy icing is perfect for this coconut cake if you wish to have an easy to use white icing for your coconut cake.

The flavor of the cake is perfect with wonderful flavor of the fresh coconut used.

You can decorate the cake as you wish using easy to use cake toppers and decorations. 

Going back to the recipe, I made this cake eggless too so if you are a vegetarian who is looking for eggless recipes this is perfect for you.

Coconut cakes are truly delicious and simple to make.  Actually this cake has got a really great flavor of coconut, so if you don’t like coconuts, this cake may not be for you. If you love coconuts, this simple cake will definitely please you, with the rich taste of freshly grated coconut flakes.
If you want even more strong coconut flavor, you may try replacing the regular milk in the recipe with coconut milk.

You can also use 1 or 2 drops of coconut flavoring to add coconut flavor to your cakes.

You can see the picture of sliced coconut cake below.

easy homemade coconut cake recipe scratch

I didn’t use any eggs in this easy homemade coconut cake recipe, so we are using fresh yogurt as one of the ingredients.

So here is how I made this simple coconut cake using the easy homemade coconut cake recipe.

Ingredients required for easy homemade coconut cake recipe from scratch

Flour 1 1/4 Cup

Baking Powder 1 teaspoon

Baking Soda 1/2 teaspoon

Butter 1 stick at room temperature

Whole Milk 1/2 Cup

Yogurt 1/2 Cup

Sugar 3/4 Cup

Grated Coconut or Coconut Flakes 1 Cup

Vanilla extract 2 drops (or use coconut flavoring)

Instructions for easy homemade coconut cake recipe scratch

Preheat oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit.

In a bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients – flour, baking powder and baking soda.

In another bowl, add milk and yogurt and mix well.

If there are lumps formed from yogurt, it is important to strain it through a fine strainer or filter so that the milk – yogurt mix will be smooth in consistency.

In a third bowl, beat the butter and sugar really well and add the flavoring whether you use vanilla or coconut flavoring, mix everything well.

Add the butter-sugar mixture to the milk-yogurt mixture, and stir very well that everything is combined well and sugar is dissolved.

Slowly add the liquid mixture to the flour and mix gently, until all the ingredients are mixed together to form the cake batter.

Finally, add the grated coconut flakes to the cake batter and gently fold in.

Grease the cake pan with butter and pour the batter to the pan.

Bake the cake in the preheated pan for about 45 minutes.

It is important to note that the top of coconut cakes turn brown quickly, so you have to check in between to avoid burning. My cake turned brown in about 20 minutes, so I used a piece of aluminium foil to cover the pan and then baked again for the remaining 25 minutes.

After 45 minutes, see if the cake is baked well by inserting a toothpick or knife. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready.

Allow the cake to cool in the rack before cutting and serving!

easy homemade coconut cake recipe

Notes: Make sure you check in between so that the top of the cake is not burnt as I mentioned in the instructions. Covering with an aluminium foil once the top of the cake has turned brown, can hep you bake the cake without getting it burnt.

easy homemade coconut cake recipe from scratch

Also, as I mentioned earlier, if you like a strong coconut flavor for your cake, you may try to use coconut milk instead of regular milk and use coconut flavoring. If you don’t want the intense coconut flavor, just use regular milk and vanilla extract.

We loved the cake even with out any topping, but if you want any kind of frosting, try adding whatever toppings you like to.

Traditionally, fresh coconut flakes are used to decorate coconut cakes on top of white frosting, so that it will look all white like snow.

easy homemade coconut cake recipe image

Hope you all enjoy the tropical flavor of the sweet coconut cake made at your own home from fresh coconut!

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