Easy Indian Vegetarian Recipes – Simple Easy Vegetarian Indian Recipes

Easy Indian Vegetarian Recipes
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Easy Indian Vegetarian Recipes For Easy Indian Vegetarian Meals 

Easy Vegetarian Indian Recipes 

Recipe Round Up – Simple Easy Vegetarian Indian Recipes

Easy Indian vegetarian recipes help you learn to make easy vegetarian Indian recipes that are yummy and made with exotic spices. They will help you understand the basics of Indian vegetarian cooking and give you an idea how Indian vegetarian recipes are cooked in Indian households. Indian vegetarian recipes all use spices and have many things in common but they also differ in cases of the spices used and also the way of preparation based on different regions within India, like South India and North India.

You can see that South Indian vegetarian recipes are different from North Indian vegetarian recipes, but still they both have recipes in common too and both South Indians and North Indians enjoy each others cuisine too.

Indian cuisine is vast and there are tons of Indian vegetarian recipes.

You might find the cookbooks helpful if you are interested to learn more about Indian vegetarian recipes. See Indian vegetarian cookbooks here.

You can see all easy Indian vegetarian recipes I have on this blog here as I am linking all those Indian vegetarian recipes in my blog from here. As I add more and more posts, I will link them from here.

There are some kitchen staples you will need if you like may vegetarian recipes that are mostly Indian vegetarian recipes. The staples in Indian vegetarian kitchen are spices, vegetables, lentils, grains and dairy products like milk, vegetarian cheese like paneer and also yogurt. Most of the Indian vegetarians use these staples in the everyday cooking and the reason I wrote spices first in my list is because Indian vegetarian recipes are never done without spices. Yes, spices make the most important part of the Indian vegetarian recipes and we can’t cook without these exotic spices. Adding spices to the food take the recipes to the next level and they make the food flavorful, delicious and healthy – no need of meat to enjoy your food.

Easy Indian Vegetarian Recipes
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There are some exotic spices which are very healthy for you as they are proven to improve your immunity and fight against serious illnesses if you use them in your food daily. So these spices are not just added for flavor they are added for their health benefits as well. The must have recipes for the Indian vegetarian pantry are turmeric, black pepper, coriander powder, cumin seeds & cumin seeds powder, curry powder and much more.

You will also need seeds like cumin seeds, mustard seeds etc.

So here you can see the links to easy Indian vegetarian recipes which you can try at your own home.

Mashed potatoes with spices is popular in North India as well as South India (where it is used as a filling for dosa). This is known by different names and aloo ka bharta is the name used in North India, where aloo means potato.

See recipe for Indian mashed potatoes here

Chapati is the popular Indian flatbread made in household almost everyday. This is more popular in North India although this is popular in South India as well.

See recipe for soft chapati here

Dosa and idli are very popular South Indian breakfast dishes which are enjoyed with different kinds of chutneys, sambar (lentil vegetable stew) or any curry. They are made of fermented rice batter prepared using white rice and lentils.

See recipe for dosa here

See recipe for idli here

See recipe for coconut chutney here

See recipe for easy one pot sambar recipe here

Easy and simple curry recipes are used with Indian vegetarian cuisine as side dishes. There are many number of curry recipes, you can see some here.

See recipe for easy potato curry

See recipe for easy tomato curry

See recipe for easy onion curry

See recipe for Indian coconut cashew curry base

See recipe for easy Indian spinach curry with coconut

Some curry recipes have little or no gravy, and they too are made with lot of healthy spices.

See recipe for mixed vegetables with coconut & spices

See recipe for potato masala with coconut milk & spices (no gravy)

Rice items are very popular in India.

See simple and easy yellow rice recipe with turmeric here

You can see Indian desserts from my blog here

You can see all Indian recipes I have in my blog here

Hope you find this list of easy Indian vegetarian recipes helpful. As I already mentioned, Indian cuisine is very vast and I do not claim this is anywhere near to the tons of recipes from India. However I am putting an effort to gather the delicious Indian vegetarian recipes to my blog as much as I can. Thanks for reading, I will add more recipes here as I add them to the blog!

Simple Easy Indian Vegetarian Recipes
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