Easy Quick Dessert Recipe – Thengai Burfi Recipe – Easy Coconut Fudge Recipe

thengai burfi recipe
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Easy Quick Dessert Recipe – Indian Coconut Sweets Recipe – Coconut Burfi (barfi) Recipe – Thengai Burfi Recipe

Easy Coconut Fudge Recipe

This most easy quick dessert recipe featured here is an Indian coconut sweets recipe popularly known as coconut burfi or coconut barfi or thengai burfi (thenga or thengai means coconut), this is a kind of Indian fudge recipe made from grated coconuts and this recipe is an easy coconut fudge recipe.

This thengai burfi or the Indian coconut sweets recipe is a most delicious Indian dessert, traditionally made using coconut, milk or water and sugar. I didn’t use milk here, my recipe for thengai burfi uses grated coconut, water, sugar and melted butter or ghee. But you can add so many other ingredients to the basic recipe, as you wish.

Easy Quick Dessert Recipe

Coconuts are easily available in many parts of India and so we use them in a number of dishes including very easy quick dessert recipes using fresh coconuts. This coconut burfi is one such easy quick dessert recipe using grated coconuts. You can freshly grate the coconuts yourself or buy the grated coconut or coconut flakes from stores or online.

thengai burfi recipe

Coconut burfi is a delicious dessert you can prepare in just 10 to 15 minutes, with very few ingredients. This is an easy to make recipe that is sure to please dessert lovers! Coconut burfi is also popularly known as nariyal ki burfi in Hindi and thengai barfi in Malayalam.

In my recipe for coconut burfi, I am using only grated coconuts, water, ghee (or melted butter)and sugar but you may also try to use milk instead of water and add a pinch of fresh spices, like cardamom powder.

I suggest you to use ghee which is the clarified butter popularly used in Indian sweets, but you can also melted butter in case you don’t like the flavor of ghee for some reason.

You can buy grated unsweetened coconut (shredded coconut) or coconut flakes here 

So here is how you can make this easy quick dessert recipe using just 4 ingredients

Ingredients to make easy and quick thenga burfi or coconut burfi

Shredded or Grated Coconut  2 Cups

Sugar                   3/4 Cup
Water                   1/4 Cup

Pure Ghee (or melted butter)   2 t 3 tablespoons

Instructions to make thengai burfi (coconut burfi)

Heat ghee in a pan, add grated coconuts and roast it for few minutes.

Once the coconut flakes are roasted, remove the pan from the stove and keep it aside.

Dissolve the sugar in water and let it get heated in another pan.

Keep stirring, until the sugar and water mixture reaches a syrup consistency.

Add the roasted coconut flakes to the sugar syrup and cook in low flame.

Make sure you keep stirring the mixture, otherwise it may burn at the bottom.

The burfi will soon absorb all the sugar syrup, and it is ready when the coconut mixture thickens and form a soft, firm mass that come off easily from the sides of the pan.

Grease a flat tray or plate with ghee or melted butter.

Transfer the coconut barfi from the pan to the greased tray.

When the burfi is cool enough, you can cut them into pieces and serve!

You can store the coconut barfi in airtight containers for few days or keep it refrigerated.

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