Idli Chutney Recipe – Coconut Chutney Kerala Style – Dosa Idli Chutney Recipe

idli chutney recipe
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Idli Chutney Recipe – Make Dosa Idli Chutney Recipe

Coconut Chutney Kerala Style Recipe – Thenga Chammanthi Recipe

Coconut chutney Kerala style recipe or idli chutney recipe with coconut and mild spices is perfect as the main side dish for for dosa (indian lentil pancakes) and idli (Indian steamed rice cakes) and this is very popular for South Indian breakfasts. Coconut chutney recipe is also known as thenga chammanthi recipe in Kerala (thenga means coconut and chammanthi means chutney) and nariyal chutney in North India (nariyal means coconut in hindi language).

idli chutney recipe

Coconuts are abundant in Kerala and you can find lots of Kerala style recipe with added fresh coconut in them. Coconut chutney is a very popular and traditional South Indian dish which can be made really easy, even with very few ingredients. Unlike many other South Indian chutney recipes, coconut chutney Kerala style recipe ingredients is mainly freshly grated coconut and mild spices, so you can prepare this very easily without being spicy at all. If you wish, you can make it spicy by adding more green or red chilies too.

Here I am sharing the basic coconut chutney Kerala style which is the perfect dosa idli chutney recipe, which you can easily follow. You can always alter the recipe and add more spices or other extra ingredients to suit your taste.

Actually, there are many more ways you can make the chutney. I will also give you the most popular, optional ingredients you can add to the basic recipe that I share here.

As I mentioned earlier, the basic coconut chutney Kerala style recipe or dosa idli chutney recipe is popular as a dip for South Indian breakfast items like Dosa and idlis. That is the reason why it is more commonly known as dosa chutney or idli chutney recipe. This fresh coconut chutney goes very well with Rava idlis too.

Basic Recipe For Simple Coconut Chutney

Let us first see the ingredients required to prepare this idli chutney recipe or coconut chutney recipe Kerala style.

Ingredients to prepare coconut chutney Kerala style recipe or dosa idli chutney recipe

Freshly grated or unsweetened Shredded Coconut  1 Cup
Water 1/2 Cup
Green Chili peppers 2
Shallots 4 to 5 no.s
Curry leaves or Coriander leaves a few

If shallots or small onions are not available, you can also use two teaspoons of grated onions.
If curry leaves or coriander leaves are not available, you can omit it.
If you do not like any spiciness to the chutney, you can omit the chili peppers. Alternatively, try adding few black peppers for a different flavour!

For Seasoning
Oil 2 tablespoons ( pure coconut oil is suggested)

Brown Mustard Seeds 1 teaspoon

Red Chili Peppers 2 to 3 no.s (optional)

I used few curry leaves also for seasoning. If you wish to add curry leaves, keep few leaves aside and add them after the red chili peppers are heated. Make sure there is no water content in the leaves or any other ingredient that you use for seasoning.

Instructions to prepare the idli chutney recipe or coconut chutney Kerala style recipe

Blend together shredded coconut and water for few seconds.
Add the other ingredients also to the mixture and blend together for few more seconds.
Heat the oil in a pan and add the mustard seeds.
When the mustard seeds start spluttering, add the red chili peppers. (wait till the mustard seeds are spluttered otherwise it will taste bitter)
When the chili peppers are hot enough and starts turning the colour, add the blended coconut mixture to the pan.
Stir well and let it heat for few moments.
You do not have to boil the mixture, as it may change the taste and texture. Just let the chutney get heated in the pan, you can remove it from the pan just before it starts boiling.
Coconut chutney is ready and you can serve it as a savoury side dish or dip for anything you wish!
For best results, serve the chutney hot. But you can use it in room temperature also.

Popular Optional Ingredients for Coconut chutney

Ginger, Garlic (crushed)
Channa dal or Urad dal ( for seasoning)
You can try adding 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic or ginger along with the ingredients and blend together for a different flavour.
Channa dal(Bengal gram) or urad dal also can be added to the oil for seasoning, after the mustard seeds have spluttered.
To add a slight red colour to the chutney, add 1 or 2 red chili peppers to the ingredients and blend together. Or you can also add 1/4 teaspoon of red chili powder to the mixture.
If you are looking for coconut chutney that is more thick and sour which go very well with rice, you may avoid water and add a small amount of tamarind.
This is a basic savoury coconut dip which can be used as a side dish for many recipes, so you can try adding different flavours to the recipe and experiment yourself for new exotic tastes!
Tip: Unless you have any dietary restrictions, try using pure coconut oil for seasoning, as it will add to the flavour of coconut chutney.
You can buy pure coconut oil and unsweetened shredded coconut flakes from Amazon, if you wish!



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