Kadala Curry Recipe Kerala Style – Indian Chickpea Curry Recipe With Roasted Coconut

varutharacha kadala curry recipe kerala style
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Kadala Curry Recipe Kerala Style – Indian Chickpea Curry Recipe With Roasted Coconut In Spices

Varutharacha Kadala Curry Recipe

Healthy Vegan Chickpea Curry Recipe With Roasted Coconut & Spices – Indian Coconut Chickpea Curry Pressure Cooker Recipe

kadala curry recipe is a malayalam word for chickpea curry recipe and varutharacha kadala curry recipe is the malayalam word for chickpea curry made with roasted coconut which is grind to blend with exotic spices. The malayalam word “varutharacha” means roasted and grind (here it means roasted and grind coconut). The word “kadala” in malayalam means chickpeas. This kind of Indian chickpea curry recipe made with roasted coconut which is grind with spices to form an exotic blend is very popular in Kerala (southernmost state in India) used as the base for this Indian chickpea curry.

Traditional Kerala style chickpea curry is made using black chickpeas (known as black channa or kala channa in hindi language or karutha kadala in malayalam language), but nowadays we use different colored chickpeas for the preparation including white chickpeas (vella kadala) or even green chickpeas (green channa)

This chickpea curry with coconut made following this authentic varutharacha kadala curry recipe is very delicious and is used for breakfast as a side dish for popular Kerala breakfast items like puttu (steamed rice flour based dish), or appam(pancakes made of fermented rice & coconut milk batter) and this chickpea curry can also be used as a side dish of rice for lunch. See my recipe for Kerala style avial recipe here which is a very healthy mix of different kinds of vegetables in coconut and spices and which is one of the most popular Kerala vegetarian recipes for lunch.

In fact, this Indian chickpea curry with roasted coconut in spices gravy is one of the most popular vegetarian curry recipes in Kerala state.

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You can see all Kerala vegetarian recipes in my blog here

This Indian chickpea curry is vegan as well as a very healthy vegetarian curry recipe as we use very little coconut oil and also very healthy spices for the preparation. Also chickpeas is very healthy with lots of fiber content and protein in it and it makes a good source of protein especially for those who follow a plant based diet like vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

We make the base for the gravy first using the roasted coconut and spices and then we cook the chickpeas in it using a pressure cooker. And we make this dish using a pressure cooker which makes it easy to cook the lentils very fast.

You can either use canned chickpeas directly for this recipe or you can use dried chickpeas which needs soaking prior to cooking. I am using dried chickpeas here so let us see how to make this varutharacha kadala curry using dried chickpeas and coconut & spices from scratch at home.

As I mentioned earlier, you can use black, white or green colored chickpeas to make this recipe. I have used the white chickpeas here for the preparation of this chickpea curry (this is also known as vella kadala curry).

Chickpeas need to be soaked at least about 6 to 7 hours which will make it soft and helps to cook faster, so I usually soak it in some water overnight so I can use the soaked chickpeas for cooking the next day morning.

If you are using canned chickpeas, you can skip the soaking part.

So here is how you can make this Indian chickpea curry Kerala style following this varutharacha kadal curry recipe.

varutharacha kadala curry recipe kerala style

Ingredients for varutharacha kadala curry recipe

Dry chickpeas 2 cups

coconut 2 cups

small sized onion 1 finely chopped

water 5 to 6 cups (plus more water for soaking chickpeas)

salt as required

crushed garlic 2 teaspoons

crushed ginger 2 teaspoons

turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

red chili powder 1/2 teaspoon

coriander powder 4 tablespoons

curry powder 1 teaspoon (optional)

garama masala powder 1 teaspoon

cumin seeds powder 1 teaspoon

For seasoning

Coconut oil 3 tablespoons

mustard seeds 1 teaspoon

curry leaves a few

red chilies 4 to 5

Instructions for varutharacha kadala curry recipe

Wash the chickpeas and soak it in some water overnight or you can soak this for 5 to 6 hours.

After soaking the chickpeas for 5 to 6 hours, drain the water, lightly wash the chickpeas and keep it aside.

Heat a pan, dry roast the grated coconut in low heat, keep stirring so it won’t get burnt at the bottom of the pan.

As you are roasting the coconut, add all the spices to the coconut in the pan, and roast for another few minutes or until the coconut is very well roasted. The coconut turns dark brown in color and become quite oily, but make sure it is not getting burnt in the pan. The roasted coconut (which looks brown now) along with the roasted spices gives a nice exotic aroma.

Now let us blend the mix of roasted coconut & spices in a food processor. We are grinding the mix without any water here, so just don’t use the water yet.

thenga varutharacha kadala curry recipe

Transfer the roasted coconut in spices to the food process and grind until the mix is well blended, like you can see in the above photo.

Now heat oil in the pressure cooker and let us make the seasoning. You may also add the seasoning at last instead of preparing it in the beginning, but making this ahead makes things more easier so I am doing it this way here but you can always make it at last and pour it over the dish which will look more appealing. So let us do the seasoning now.

As the oil in the pressure cooker is heated enough, add the mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds start to splutter, add the red chilies and curry leaves and fry for a few seconds.

Add the garlic and ginger, fry for 2 minutes.

Add the finely sliced onion and fry for few minutes until the onion slices are browned (or turn transparent in color).

Now add the chickpeas (which is already drained and water content is removed) gently to the oil. You can use a long handled spatula to transfer the chickpeas gently to the hot oil without splashing the oil.

Mix the chickpeas with the seasoning and saute for few seconds.

Now add the roasted coconut & spices mix (which is made to a paste in by dry grinding the mix) to the chickpeas saute for another few seconds.

Add the salt and water, mix everything well. Now this is ready to be cooked.

Close the pressure cooker with the lid. Make sure you have put the safety valve and followed all guide lines in the manual as this is important for your safety while using a pressure cooker.

Cook in medium heat for about 4 to 5 whistles or about 12 minutes. Chickpeas need more time to get soft and cooked compare to most other small sized lentils.

After 12 minutes of cooking, you can switch off the stove, and wait for the pressure cooker to cool down.

Once the pressure cooker is cooled enough, you can open the lid and see if the chickpeas are cooked and soft.

Mix well the delicious chickpeas curry which is ready to serve now!

varutharacha kadala curry recipe

You can serve the hot and delicious chickpeas curry with rice for lunch or use this as a side dish for flatbreads like chapati or use it with popular Kerala style breakfasts like puttu or appam or whatever dish you like!

Hope you find this Indian chickpea curry recipe using roasted coconut & spices helpful!

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