Make Milkshake Without Blender – How to Make Milkshake Without A Blender

make milkshake without blender
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Make Milkshake Without Blender – Easy Quick Milkshakes – Simple Milkshake Recipes Without Blender

Learn different ways to make a milkshake without a blender

How To Make Milkshake Without Blender At Home Easily

You can make milkshake without blender in different yummy flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or banana flavors. We will see simple milkshake recipes and different ideas on how to make milkshake without blender.

make milkshake without blender

Many times there will be situations like a broken blender, or if you have newly shifted to a house you might not have even got time to buy a blender. In other cases, even if you have a good working blender, you want an instant milkshake without having to use a blender.

Or your blender jars are still in dishwater and you are craving a milkshake now.. So there can be many scenarios and so it i good to learn how to make milkshake without blender.

The first and most easy way is to have an instant milkshake powder, that you just need to mix with milk(or your favorites like soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk or whatever) and serve! It cannot get any more easier.

If you wish, you can always add more ingredients to the instant milkshake to make it more and more yummy like fresh cream or melted ice cream which you can just stir into the milkshake.

So here you can see the instant milkshakes available to buy in different flavors – like vanilla flavored, banana flavored, strawberry flavored etc.

Buy Instant Milkshake Powders Online 

The below shown instant milkshake powders can be bought online, they come in different sizes, different flavors and different prices, so make sure you check the product description if you decide to buy any of these.



If you don’t want to buy the above shown milkshake powders, you can still manage to make milkshake without blender if you have cold chilled milk (preferably whole milk), sugar or maple syrup (or your favorite sweetener), and ingredients like heavy cream or Ice cream.

If you want strawberry milkshake or banana milkshake I suggest you to use the instant milkshake powders like the above shown ones since it can be really difficult to juice the fruits without a blender. Instant milkshake powders is the perfect solution to make a milkshake without blender if you want a fruit flavored milkshake. I have used the Nestle Nesquik strawberry milkshake and I love the taste.

 Or as an alternative, just like using pure vanilla extract, you can also use few drops of pure strawberry essence or pure banana essence to add flavor to your milkshake (which can be made by mixing milk, sugar and cream if you like)

If you have ice cream, just melt it in a microwave safe bowl by heating for few seconds and then adding to a mixture of cold milk and sugar. This will give a yummy simple milkshake. Adding two drops of vanilla extract will be a bonus!

Here is how you can make this yummy and simple milkshake recipes without blender.

You can use either a steel spoon, a hand whisk (preferred) or a hand mixer to make milkshake without blender.

If you are using a hand whisk or hand mixer, mix the ingredients in a large bowl first, and then transfer the drinks to tall glass cups. If using spoons, just mix the ingredients in the glass cup itself.

Alternatively, you can also use a mason jar to mix your the ingredients for the milkshake.

Recipe 1 to make milkshake without blender


Cold chilled milk 1 cup

Vanilla flavored ice cream 2 scoops melted (or use your favorite ice cream)

Sugar 1 to 2 tablespoons


In a tall glass cup (or bowl if using hand whisk or hand mixer), mix all the ingredients until well combined and the sugar is completely dissolved.

Enjoy the milkshake while it is very cold, or you should refrigerate the milkshake if using later.

Feel free to use your favorite flavor of ice cream like chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream or whatever.

You can try this ice cream bundle mix to make up your instant ice cream for milkshakes

make milkshake without blender
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If you don’t have ice cream or a blender, you can still enjoy milkshake

Recipe 2 to make a milkshake without a blender


Cold milk 1 cup

Sugar 3 to 4 tablespoons

Vanilla extract 2 drops ( or your favorite flavor like banana extract or strawberry extract or more exotic flavors)

fresh cream 2 tablespoons

You can also try the flavors from below shown Hershey’s Syrup varieties



In a tall glass cup(use medium sized or large bowl for hand whisk or hand mixer), mix everything well using a spoon until well combined.

Enjoy the milkshake while it is still cold, if saving for later use, make sure to refrigerate!

I have tried to use very minimal ingredients so you can easily enjoy a milkshake without having to look for many ingredients. However, if you have more ingredients that you love to add, for example if you love to have chopped crunchy nuts, feel free to add them to your milkshake.

If you don’t want to buy a blender, you can use a hand blender to mix the ingredients. This is simple to use and help you to make simple milkshake recipes.


Or you can buy a small mini personal blender which is lightweight and makes milkshakes and smoothies for one person very easily. Or there is magic bullet which comes with multiple personal jars and a very reasonable price.


Or you can consider buying a new fully functional commercial blender!


Hope you found this post useful since you are looking for ideas on how to make milkshake without a blender.

If you do have a blender, you can check my recipe on how to make milkshake without ice cream here.


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