Ozhichu Curry For Rice – Kerala Ozhichu Curry Recipes – Ozhichu Curry Recipes For Rice

ozhichu curry for rice kerala ozhicu curry recipes
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Ozhichu Curry For Rice – Kerala Style Ozhichu Curry Recipes For Rice Or Chapathi Or Dosa

Ozhichu curry for rice or Kerala ozhichu curry recipes made in Kerala style include curry recipes made in Kerala style which can be used along with rice. Many of these curries can be used with Indian flatbread like chapathi or Indian pancakes like dosa. It is all your choice what you would like to serve it with.

Ozhichu curry is word in Malayalam language and it means this kind of curries can be poured over rice and you can mix and eat it with the rice. Usually in Kerala boiled brown rice is cooked and using this kind of ozhichu curry along with the cooked rice is quite popular. You just pour this ozhichu curry over the rice and mix to form  the delicious homemade lunch. This post on ozhichu curry recipes is meant to help you with different ideas on preparing ozhichu curry recipes at home, I will add more recipe links here in this post as I add more and more recipes in blog.

This kind of vegetarian lunches prepared in Kerala style are healthy, delicious and simple to make. There are many kind of Kerala ozhichu curry recipes which are popular and many of the recipes for ozhichu curry for rice are made with coconut or without coconut. The use of coconut in Kerala recipes is quite common due to the wide availability of coconuts in Kerala, and so many recipes are made with adding fresh coconuts and exotic spices.

The main ingredient for many of these kerala ozhicu curry recipes is made with blending coconut and spices together which makes the gravy for the rice.

As this is a vegetarian blog, we will have a look at the most popular vegetarian ozhichu curry recipes you can have with rice or whatever you like.

In my blog I have few Kerala ozhichu curry recipes which can be used as ozhichu curry for rice. And I have plans to add more in future. As I add more posts of these recipes, I will add the links here.

There are many kinds of Kerala ozhichu curry recipes which can be used as ozhicurry for rice, dosa or chapathi.

Some of the popular ozhichu curry recipes are based on lentils like green mung beans, red cowpeas, chickpeas etc.

I have posted my recipes for payar ozhichu curry recipes using red cowpeas and also green mung beans.

You can see those recipes here.

Cherupayar Curry Recipe – Cherupayar Ozhichu Curry For Rice Or Chapathi Or Dosa- Cherupayar Ozhichu Curry Recipe With Coconut

For best results, always blend or grind together the coconut and spices together. If you are in a hurry, you can also just mix up everything and add it to the dish to form the gravy.

ozhichu curry for rice

Vanpayar Curry Recipe – Vanpayar Ozhicu Curry For Rice Or Chapathi Or Dosa – Vanpayar Ozhichu Curry Recipe With Coconut

ozhichu curry for rice kerala recipes

The above recipes of payar curry uses coconut, but there are other ways to prepare them without coconut. It is also common to add starchy vegetables like green plantains, potatoes etc to such curry recipes with lentils and you can also add green leafy vegetables like spinach or drumstick leaves. As I enter the posts for them in the future, I will add the links here.

You can see my post on spinach coconut curry recipe Kerala style here which is popularly known as cheera ozhichu curry recipe. Image below.

cheera ozhichu curry recipe

Following the above recipes, you may also try to prepare ozhichu curry for rice using other lentils or leafy vegetables whatever you like.

To learn more about how to cook with lentils, click here.

Other popular Kerala ozhichu curry recipes that are vegetarian include recipes based on yogurt. Many such recipes use a delicious combination of yogurt, coconut and spices mixed together along with vegetables like sour raw or cooked green mangoes, cucumber etc. I most frequently prepare a very simple and delicious yogurt ozhichu curry recipe for rice which I will post soon. Till then, I will link you to some of the very popular yogurt based ozhichu curry recipes I found in the web. They are delicious, easy to prepare  and they have the authentic Kerala taste.

Here is one authentic kerala ozhichu curry recipe for rice made with leafy vegetables

Here is another yummy and simple recipe using cucumber

Other than these popular yogurt or coconut based ozhichu curry recipes for Kerala vegetarian lunch or dinner, you can also find lots of different kinds of ozhichu curries for rice like sambar, rasam, theeyal etc to name a few. I will add more posts on these recipes in my blog in future and I will link to them in this article as I add them.

Many of these recipes use a combination of lentils and vegetables along with exotic spices. These ozhichu curry for rice recipes are great for chapathi, dosa etc as well if you like the flavor of the gravy. You have a lot of choices in Kerala vegetarian recipes, its just a matter of finding what is your favorite flavor and what you likes the best.

I have this tomato curry for chapathi recipe here which is basically an easy tomato ozhichu curry which is usually served with chapathis, but you can use this for rice as well.

You can learn the basics from these recipes and then try different combinations of different kind of vegetables, lentils, yogurt and spices to make your own favorite ozhichu curry for rice.

Hope you find this post on ozhichu curry for rice useful in helping you to prepare Kerala ozhichu curry recipes for simple and authentic Kerala style vegetarian lunch or dinner.

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