Rava Ladoo Recipe South Indian – Recipe For Rava Laddu – Rava Ladoo

rava ladoo recipe South Indian
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Rava Ladoo Recipe South Indian Style – Recipe For Rava Laddu – Recipe For Rava Ladoo

You can make rava ladoo recipe South Indian style using rava (sooji or semolina flour) and few other ingredients. This is a very quick and easy Indian dessert recipe known as Sooji ladoo or sooji laddu recipe in North India while in South Indian states, this is mostly known as rava ladoo (rava laddu) where rava or sooji stands for the semolina flour.

rava ladoo recipe South Indian

Laddoos or laddus are small sweet balls made with flour and sugar along with few other ingredients, they are popular Indian desserts. There are many types of laddus and different recipes for making them in South India and North India.

There are many easy recipes using semolina flour.

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Rava laddoo or Sooji laddoo is an easy Indian sweet made using semolina flour which is often made during festivals and family celebrations.

If you follow this rava ladoo recipe South Indian style these ladoos are extremely easy to make, yet very delicious. This rava ladoo recipe requires only few ingredients and it takes only less than 20 minutes for preparation. My grandmother used to prepare this for me whenever I wanted it and now I make it for my family!

As I mentioned above there are different ladoo recipes, but this is one of the easiest and one of my favorites. I especially like recipes made using sooji since they are very easy to prepare and usually take only few minutes to get them done.

If you are buying roasted sooji , you can skip the first step in the recipe instructions.

Serves: About 15 small laddoos
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes


Rava ( Sooji or Semolina flour) 1 Cup
Sugar 3/4 Cup

Ghee or melted butter 1 tablespoon

Warm milk 1/4 Cup

Cardamom powder a pinch

Cloves a few (optional, leave out if you don’t like it)

More Optional Ingredients

Cashew nuts, raisins

Instructions to prepare the rava ladoo recipe South Indian style

Heat ghee or melted butter in a pan and roast sooji for about five minutes. Sooji should not change the colour.

Add the sugar, cardamom powder and cloves, stir well till the sugar starts to melt.

Remove the pan from the stove, sprinkle the warm milk over the mixture and mix well.

Make balls out of the mixture while it is still hot. You can wait if the mixture is too hot, but you should make the balls before the mixture cools off.

If you wish, you may also fry the cashew nuts and raisins in little ghee and add them to the mixture before making the balls.

You may grease your palms with ghee or dip your hands in cold water before making the balls, as this will help you to do the job more easily.

Hope you like this rava ladoo recipe South Indian style made using rava, ghee and few other ingredients which makes a perfect simple and popular Indian dessert for festivals and special occasions.

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