Vanpayar Thoran Recipe – Red Cow Peas Recipe With Coconut Kerala Style

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Vanpayar Thoran Recipe Kerala Style – Red Cow Peas Recipe – Perum Payar Thoran Kerala Recipe

Delicious Dry Lentil Recipe With Grated Coconut & Spices

Red Cow Peas Recipe – Red Payar Thoran Recipe – Perum Payar Thoran Recipe – Vanpayar Thoran Recipe

Make Vanpayar Thoran Recipe (perum payaru recipe) South Indian Kerala Style With Fresh Coconut & Spices

Vanpayar thoran recipe is made of red cow peas (red cowpeas lentils) also known as  perum payar or van payar or simply red payar in malayalam language. The word payar means peas and red payar means red peas. This protein rich lentil peas recipe is vegetarian as well as vegan recipe.

vanpayar thoran recipe
red cowpeas served with brown rice

The popular red peas used in Kerala is the red cow peas, although there are other varieties of red lentils popularly used in Indian cuisine. The word vanpayar is used to show this red peas is large in size compared to cherupayar (green mung bean or green gram).

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In fact this red cowpeas is not so large sized compared to many other peas varieties, however they are indeed large compared to the green grams or green mung beans.

vanpayar thoran recipe kerala style

The red cowpeas thoran recipe made using red cow peas, fresh coconut and spices is popularly served as a side dish in Kerala for lunch and dinner along with rice or kanji ( where kanji is rice with some water, which is kind of traditional rice soup)

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There are some other popular red cowpeas recipes where red cowpeas is also paired with other vegetables like pumpkins, green plantains or even tapioca. However here I am sharing the most simple vanpayar thoran recipe which is made using red cowpeas as the main ingredient along with freshly grated coconut and few spices.

So here is how I made this Kerala style vanpayar thoran recipe or red cowpeas recipe with coconut and spices.

I used a pressure cooker to make the preparation easy, but you can also make vanpayar thoran recipe in a a pan or pot over the stove top. Making the lentils including this red cowpeas is much easier if you use a pressure cooker, as it will reduce the cooking time significantly.

I will show you how to make this red cowpeas recipe using pressure cooker method here. If you are using a pan or pot to make the recipe, you just have to increase the cooking time as the peas will take more time to get cooked. In that case, you may have to add more water and cook until the peas is cooked softly. Just monitor the peas and cook until required if you are using a pot or pan, and add water as required so as to not burn at the bottom of the vessel.

So let us go on to see how to make vanpayar thoran recipe Kerala style.

Ingredients to make vanpayar thoran recipe

Red Cowpeas 1 Cup

Water 3 Cups

Grated Coconut (or use coconut flakes) 1/2 cup

crushed or minced garlic 1 teaspoon

turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

red chili powder 1/4 teaspoon

cumin powder 1/4 teaspoon

salt as required

Instructions to make vanpayar thoran recipe Kerala style with coconut – Red cowpeas  recipe with coconut

Soak the red cowpeas in water for about half an hour if possible, as this will improve the health benefits and make the cowpeas more soft.

Remove the water used to soak the cowpeas and transfer the red cowpeas to the pressure cooker.

Add the water, salt, garlic and spices to the cowpeas in the pressure cooker, mix everything well.

Close the lid of the pressure cooker and cook in medium to high heat for about 12 minutes or until 3 whistles have come. (Make sure you are correctly following all the guidelines while using the pressure cooker including the use of safety valve, as these  guidelines are important for the purpose of safety while using pressure cooker).

After 12 minutes or 3 whistles, the red cowpeas should be cooked, you can switch of the stove and wait for the pressure cooker to cool off.

Once the pressure cooker is cooled enough, open the lid and see if the peas is cooked completely. If there is excess water remaining, you can drain the water off or save the water as it makes a healthy broth for soups and stews.

Add the grated coconut, mix well and cook for another 2 minutes so everything gets well cooked and mixed.

Your vanpayar thoran or red cowpeas with coconut is ready to serve with rice or bread as you wish!

vanpayar thoran recipe image

For best results, serve the cooked cowpeas hot or warm with rice!

Notes: This is an easy method to make the delicious red cowpeas recipe with coconut. However traditionally, you grind the grated coconut along with the spices and add this coconut paste to the red cowpeas while it is getting cooked. You can also grind the coconut and spices together in a food processor to make a paste and cook everything together if you wish!

vanpayar thoran kanji rice soup

Hope you like the vanpayar thoran recipe or red cowpeas recipe with coconut and spices.

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