Banana Orange Juice

Banana orange juice is perfect, delicious tropical  flavored juice made of ripe bananas and oranges.

The 2 main ingredients to make this juice are bananas and oranges. In this recipe, we use mandarin oranges but you can use any sweet oranges in to make the juice!

Ingredients used in making banana orange juice

Ripe banana orange lemon juice sugar water  ice cubes

How To Make Banana Orange Juice?

First, place chilled banana slices in the blender.

Also add chilled orange, sugar, lemon juice and chilled water to the blender.

Blend the contents only for few seconds.

Then filter the prepared juice through a fine mesh strainer.

Add ice cubes to serving glass cups, pour the prepared banana juice, enjoy!

Any leftover banana juice need to be stored in refrigerator until ready to serve, for best results!