Over Easy Eggs

Over easy eggs makes easy, quick, delicious eggs for breakfast, brunch or snack!

eggs butter or oil salt pepper

To make over easy fried eggs, the following ingredients are used.

To make over easy eggs, first melt butter or add oil to a heated pan or skillet.

Then, carefully crack the eggs into the hot pan.

How To Make Over Easy Eggs?

Sprinkle salt and cook in medium heat for few seconds until the white is slightly set.

Then carefully flip the eggs (without breaking the yolk) and fry the other side too for few more seconds so the whites of the eggs are cooked while the egg yolks will remain runny in texture.

Carefully transfer the fried eggs to a serving dish and season with black pepper if desired!

The whites of the over easy eggs are completely cooked and the yolks remain inside the whites as we flip and cook the eggs on both sides. If you break the yolks with a fork or knife, you can see the egg yolks are runny in texture!

Enjoy the easy, delicious over easy eggs with toast, vegetables, pancakes, waffles etc for breakfast, brunch or snack as you like!