Over Hard Eggs

What Are Fried Over Hard Eggs?

Over hard eggs are fried eggs that are flipped and cooked on both sides and the egg yolks are completely cooked just like that of hard boiled eggs!

Over hard eggs are different from over easy eggs or over medium eggs because of the difference in yolk texture. Over easy and over medium eggs have runny yolks while over hard egg yolks not runny at all!

Ingredients used to make over hard eggs:

eggs butter or oil salt black pepper powder

How To Make Over Hard Fried Eggs?

To make perfect over hard eggs, crack eggs to a heated pan or skillet with some melted butter or oil.

Add salt (and seasonings if desired) and cook for about 2 minutes until the whites are about to set. Then flip and cook another couple of minutes until the yolks and whites are completely cooked.

Transfer the prepared fried over hard eggs to a serving plate! Add more seasonings if desired, serve with toast, pancakes, waffles or vegetables as you like!