Over Medium Eggs - Jammy Fried Eggs

What Are Over Medium Fried Eggs?

Over medium eggs are flipped and fried on both sides with their whites completely cooked and the eggs yolks still slightly runny.  The yolks are not as runny as over easy eggs though, they are slightly runny with a jammy texture!

Main Ingredients to make over medium jammy eggs

Eggs butter or oil salt black pepper powder

You can also use more seasonings like garlic powder, minced onions, red pepper flakes etc as you like to season the eggs once they are made

How To Make Over Medium Fried Eggs?

To make over medium eggs, first fry the eggs in  butter or oil in a heated pan or skillet for about 2 to 3 minutes until egg whites are completely cooked. Then flip the eggs and cook for just 30 to 45 seconds to make perfect jammy eggs!

Once the eggs are fried to over medium consistency, carefully transfer to serving plates (if you wait for longer the eggs may get overcooked).

Since we flip the eggs and fry on both sides, the egg yolks will be covered in whites. If you break the yolks using a fork, you can see that yolks are slightly runny!

The yolks of the over medium eggs are jelly like and have jammy consistency. The yolks are not too runny like over easy eggs but they are slightly runny similar to that of jam or spread.

Enjoy delicious over medium fried eggs with toast, pancakes, waffles etc for breakfast or brunch or serve with veggies for a healthy meal! Season the fried eggs with black pepper or add more seasonings like garlic, red pepper as you like!