Peach Jam Without Pectin In Instant Pot

Peach jam without pectin is super easy and quick to make in instant pot!  This is a small batch jam which you can store in refrigerator (not meant for canning) but it is so simple and easy you only need 3 ingredients to make the jam!

First, peel and slice the peaches (discard the pit).

Add the sliced peaches to the instant pot.  Also add sugar and lemon juice, mix well.

Cook the peaches in high pressure using instant pot. Wait for a natural pressure release and  once the pressure is all released, carefully open the instant pot to finish making the jam!

Mash the cooked peaches using a potato masher. Then, saute and simmer the contents until it thickens to almost jam consistency (do not overcook!).

Once the jam is prepared, immediately transfer to a cool place to avoid further cooking. Once the jam is cooled enough, transfer to air tight clean, dry glass jars!  The jam can last in the refrigerator for another few more days when stored properly.

Enjoy the delicious, easy peach jam with toast, oatmeal, pancakes, ice creams etc for breakfast or dessert as you wish!