Plum juice is made using fresh, ripe plums that are easily available during summer.  I used sweet black plums to make the juice but you can make plum juice using red plums or black plums!

Ingredients to make plum juice

ripe plums sugar  water ice cubes

How To Make Plum Juice?

First, wash and clean the ripe plums very well.

Next, slice the plums in medium sized pieces. Discard the pit.  It is not necessary to peel the plums since the skin is very delicate.

Place the sliced plums in a good quality blender.

Also add sugar and water to the blender.

Blend the contents until very smooth!

Filter the juice through a fine mesh strainer to remove any residue from  the peels.

Add ice cubes in glass cups and pour the prepared plum juice over the ice. Serve the juice immediately or keep it chilled until ready to use for best results!