Roasted Bell Pepper Slices

Roasted bell pepper slices using red, orange  or yellow bell peppers make colorful, simple, great vegetable side dishes for any meal including lunch, dinner or holiday meals!

We use red and orange bell peppers to make roasted bell pepper slices or strips in this recipe! (you may use other color peppers as well)

Clean the bell peppers, remove the seeds and slice them into medium sized, long strips. Season with salt, oil and other seasonings like garlic and onion powder.

Place the seasoned bell pepper slices in a single layer in the baking sheet.

Preheat oven to 450 degree Fahrenheit. Place the baking sheet in preheated oven and roast the bell pepper slices for about 18 to 20 minutes until they are roasted!

Enjoy the roasted bell pepper slices as a vegetable side dish with rice, pasta, noodles etc for dinner or lunch!  Or you can use them as a topping for pizza or use as a filling for sandwiches, tacos, burritos etc as you wish!