Strawberry Juice

Homemade fresh strawberry juice using strawberries, and lemon for a refreshing drink!

How To Make Strawberry Juice At Home?

It is simple and easy to make strawberry juice at home as you can easily make this juice in a blender!  You only need fresh (or frozen) strawberries, lemon, water and sugar to make this delicious juice!

Fresh strawberry juice is made using strawberries and lemon as the main ingredients! You can also make variations like strawberry kiwi juice, strawberry pineapple juice, strawberry watermelon juice etc by adding more fruits to it!

Ingredients used to make strawberry juice

Strawberries lemon juice water  sugar ice cubes

First, prepare the strawberries by washing and cleaning the strawberries very well, also remove any stems or leaves attached to the berries.  You can slice the hulled strawberries in halves or  even smaller pieces for easy blending.

Once the strawberries is cleaned and sliced, place them in a good quality blender. Also add sugar, lemon juice and water to the blender.

Blend all the ingredients until smooth to make fresh strawberry juice!

Filter the prepared juice using a fine mesh strainer if desired.

Add ice cubes to a glass cup, pour the prepared, filtered strawberry juice and enjoy! If not serving immediately, keep it chilled in the refrigerator until ready to serve, for best results!