Sunny Side Up Eggs

Sunny side up eggs are quick and delicious, easy to make fried eggs perfect for breakfast or snack! Serve it over toast or serve along with vegetables for a healthy meal!

Sunny Side Up Vs Over Easy Eggs

Sunny side up eggs and over easy eggs are both fried eggs with white completely set and the eggs yolks runny. However, unlike over easy eggs which are fried on both sides, sunny side eggs are fried only on one side and so the egg yolks remain visible on the top side!

Ingredients Used In Making Sunny SIde Up Eggs:

eggs  butter or oil salt pepper (optional)

How To Make Sunny Side Up Eggs?

To make perfect sunny side up eggs, first melt butter or add oil in a heated pan or skillet.

Next, carefully crack eggs into the pan without breaking the yolks so the egg yolks stay intact!

Cook in low heat for about a minute, sprinkle salt and cook for another 30 more seconds until whites are set.

Carefully transfer the fried sunny side up eggs onto a serving dish, season with pepper if you desire.

The texture of the perfectly fried sunny side up eggs have completely cooked whites. If you break the egg yolks with a fork you can see that the yolks are runny in texture!

Enjoy with toast, vegetables etc for breakfast, brunch or snack!