Instant Pot Yellow Rice

Yellow rice is super easy to make in instant pot pressure cooker and it's fluffy in texture and delicious!

We use turmeric spice and white basmati rice as the two main ingredients in this recipe to make yellow rice. Turmeric spice adds the golden yellow color to the Indian style yellow rice.

Main ingredients used to make yellow rice

Rice water (or broth) turmeric powder salt  butter

We also add some ingredients to add more flavor and for garnishing.

How To Make Yellow Rice In Instant Pot?

First, rinse the rice very well in water  and add the rinsed rice  to instant pot pressure cooker.

Then, you add the remaining ingredients to instant pot and cook in high pressure for 5 minutes, followed by a natural pressure release of about 10 minutes!

Garnish the prepared yellow rice with cilantro leaves if you like!

Transfer the prepared yellow rice to serving plates and enjoy as a side dish for lunch or dinner!  This also makes a simple colorful main dish when served along with other side dishes like vegetables, protein etc as you prefer!