Homemade Pancakes Without Baking Powder

These homemade pancakes are made from scrtach without using baking powder and they are naturally fluffy and soft in texture!

How To Make Fluffy Pancakes Without Baking Powder?

The secret to making fluffy pancakes here is to whip the egg whites until very fluffy and fold that into the pancake batter!

First, we need to separate the egg whites from the egg yolks.

Then, we mix the  rest of the ingredients other than the egg whites, to make the pancake batter.

After that you whip the egg whites until it's fluffy!

And then fold the whipped egg whites into the batter!

Once the batter is made, the batter need to be used immediately or the texture will not remain the same. Just like you make regular pancakes, heat a non stick pan or skillet greased with little butter or oil and add pancake batter and cook for about a minute or so until bubbles appear on top.

Then flip and cook the other side too! You may add little butter or oil as needed!

Once the pancake is made, transfer the prepared pancake to a serving plate. Similarly make all pancakes until the batter is finished!

Pancakes made with the resulting batter is naturally soft and fluffy even without baking powder!

Serve the delicious fluffy homemade pancakes with maple syrup, butter,, jam etc or fresh fruit slices, whipped cream, sugar etc along with some fried eggs, potatoes or other veggies as you desire for a great breakfast or brunch!